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Network means interconnection. When things will be joined together, then we can say that they will be interconnected to each other. In other word, we can say they are networked.

It means anything that are joined together are called as network or interconnected. For example, group of people.

Real Life Example of Computer Network

When a person is doing some multi-level marketing business and that person has a lot of contacted persons, involved into the same business, therefore that person can say that I have a network of these number of people.

Second example, a big company has a lot of offices connected with each other also called as their network.

In information technology world, a network is a devices or points or computers that are interconnected with each other through any communication path. Here communication path can be wireless or wired such as:

In other word, when computer devices are interconnected with each other, then we can say that these are computer network.

In today's world, everyone uses computer network directly or indirectly. For instance, when you are using your bank means you are using network indirectly. When you are using your ATM card to withdraw your money from your bank account, means you are using network.

Our computer network is such a collection of hardware devices, hardware components, and computers which are interconnected wired or wireless through any channel and the purpose of those are to share their resources and information, if they are doing this, then they are interconnected, and they are using and sharing their resources and information, then we called them as they are networked.

Example of simplest network is when any two devices interconnected together called as network.

But to create a network of two computers, means not only to interconnect together, but also to share their resources and information with each other. For instance, if a printer is connected to a computer then second computer can also use that printer which are directly connected to the first computer.

You will learn all about computer networking in detail one by one in this tutorial series.


This tutorial is designed and developed to help all those computer network lover, who are interested to get some idea about all the popular computer networking terms.

You can use this tutorial to get a lot of idea about all the terms and topics related to computer network.


You can start learning computer network here without having any prior knowledge, but if you have some basic computer skills, then it becomes easy to understand a lot of topics given here.

Networking Online Test

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