Digital Electronics Tutorial

All those electronics that operates on digital signal are digital electronics.

Or you can says that digital electronics refers to all those circuits that operates on digital signals or uses digital signals.

Digital electronics can also be reffered as logic design, digital circuit, or digital logic etc.

In modern age, everything is full of digital electronics. For example, you are learning digital electronics through this website named codescracker on your mobile phone or computer system, it means you are using digital system to achieve some knowledge about the field named digital electronics. As all the electronics devices (that uses digital signals) like mobile phones, laptops, scanner, printer, keyboard etc. are a part of digital electronics. Monitoring real-time data using your system is another example of digital electronics.

It becomes possible to create and build our world into digital form only with the invention of ICs or integrated circuits.

With the invention of ICs, our world is growing very fast and getting advancement over the technology day by day using digital electornics.

Types of Signal

As we all knows that there are two types of signal available as given below:

  • Analog signal
  • Digital signal

The analog signal can also be called as continuous signal and the digital signal can also be called as discrete signal.

Here we will only discuss about the digital signal, that has only two values, which is high or low. High means 1 and low means 0.

Here is the representation of digital signal:

digital electronics circuits

Here 1 indicates to high and 0 indicates to low. As digital signal only operates on 0 and 1.

The above representation can also be shown as:

digital electornics tutorial

Main Advantages of Digital Signal

The main or primary advantages of using digital signal over analog signal are:

  • it is smaller in size
  • it develops or creates improvement in technology
  • it is easy to design
  • it is cheaper
  • it creates less effect of noise, interference and distortion

Examples of Digital Electronics

Here are some of the main examples of digital electronics:

  • mobile phones
  • computer systems
  • electronic-readers
  • laptops
  • flash drives
  • scanners
  • mice
  • printers
  • keyboard etc.

All the devices listed above are an example of digital electornics as these devices operates on digital signal.


This tutorial is designed to cover all the main topics of digital electronics with as more information as possible to deliver to all those students who are interested or required to learn digital electronics.

This tutorial is divided into separate articles to cover all the popular and main topics of digital electronics one by one in coming articles or tutorial.


You can start learning digital electronics here without having any prior knowledge as it is not compulsory to have any prior idea about anything before start going to the tutorial over here. But if you have some basics skills about computer fundamental and computer number system, then you will feel more easy to learn the topics given here. Otherwise, you can start learning, later you will understand about all the things given here.

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