Web 2.0

Web 2.0 refers to added features and applications that make the web more attractive, supports easy online-information exchange and interoperability.

Some noticeable features of Web 2.0 are blogs, wikis, video-sharing websites, social networking websites, RSS etc.

The arrival of Web 2.0 has added many new features to the web applications, it has revolutionized the information sharing, user-oriented design, interoperability on the Internet. This has provided the information sharing in a way that was never dreamed about few years ago.

Web 2.0 provides a much independent solution to interact or commute thoughts with each other through the various online social media's.

There are many Web 2.0 sites which have made the online information exchange very users interactive.

The Internet based tools like RSS, social bookmarking, press release, online marketing, blog's, forums, etc. made an everlasting impression on people's lives as it has crossed the hurdle of socio-economic barriers.

Web 2.0 tools are available free and are widely used by people, some of the most noticeable are given here:

  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Myspace
  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • YouTube
  • Blogger
  • Flickr

All of the above listed web sites provides an interactive platform where reviews, opinions, likes etc. can be shared among the online users group. It has increased the rate of participation of users on online websites and hence given a wide horizon to the online community.

Web 2.0 has definitely provided a better functionality and allows the visitor to communicate with the website in a much better prospective.

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