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Star Topology

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Star topology is a popular topology used now-a-day. Here all devices are connected to a centralized device. Centralized devices are hub or now-a-day switch.

In other words, you can say that the star topology consists of a central node to which all the other nodes are connected by a single path.

In this topology, every device to switch, there is a separate cable to connect and total communication occurred through a centralized device (switch or hub).

The star topology used in most existing information networks involving data processing or voice communications. The most common example of this is IBM 370 installations. In this case multiple 3270 terminals are connected to either a host system or a terminal controller.

Advantages of Star Topology

Here are the list of some main advantages of star topology:

Disadvantages of star Topology

Here are the list of some main disadvantages of using the star topology:

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