Server is basically a computer that facilitates the sharing of data, software, and hardware resources such as printers, modems, etc. on the network.

Sometimes on small networks, all the shareable things such as files, data, softwares, etc. are stored on a computer called server.

A network can also have more than one server and each server has a unique name on the network and all the users of that network identify the server by its unique name.

Types of Server

There are two types server, which are listed here:

  • dedicated server
  • non-dedicated server

Non-dedicated Server

Non-dedicated server is basically a workstation that can double up as a server on small networks. It is called as non-dedicated server because it is not completely dedicated to the cause of serving.

Such servers can facilitate the resource-sharing among the work-stations on a proportionately smaller scale.

Since one computer works as a workstations (nodes) as well as a server, means it is slower and requires more memory.

The networks (small networks) using such a server are known as PEER-TO-PEER networks.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server is basically a computer that is reserved for the server's job and its only job is to help workstations access data, software and hardware resources on bigger network installation and it does not double-up as a workstation.

The network using dedicated server are known as MASTER-SLAVE networks.

There can also be several servers on a network, allows workstations to share particular resources. For example, there may be a server exclusively for serving files-related requests such as storing files, deciding about their access privileges and regulating the amount of space allowed for each user. Such server is known as file server. Similarly, there may also be a printer server and modem server.

The printer server responsible or takes care of the printing requirements of a number of workstations.

The modem server helps a group of network users use a modem to transmit long distance messages.

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