Hackers and Crackers


Hackers are more interested in gaining knowledge about computer systems and possibly using this knowledge for playful pranks.

Hacker is a slang term for a computer enthusiast, that is, a person who enjoys learning programming languages such as Java, C, C++, Python etc. and computer systems and can often be considered an expert on the subject(s).

Among professional programmers, depending on how it used, the term can be either complimentary or derogatory, although it is developing an increasingly derogatory connotation.

The pejorative sense of hacker is becoming more prominent largely because the popular press has co-opted the term to refer to individuals who gain unauthorized access to computer systems for the purpose of stealing and corrupting data.

Hackers, themselves, maintain that the proper term for such individuals is cracker.

To know what are the steps involved to become a computer hacker, then refer to How to become a Hacker.


The crackers are the malicious programmers who break into secure systems.

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