GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service.

GPRS is a technology for radio transmission of small packets of data especially between mobile devices and Internet.

Basically, GPRS is used for wireless communication using a mobile device. With this service you can access to the Internet to sent emails and large files.

Using GPRS, you can also watch real time News, or can download games and watch movies and videos.

Working of GPRS

To understand about the working of GPRS, then you must be aware of how the files are transferred from one location to another on your computer.

Firstly, files are broken down into Packets and then sent across. Similarly, GPRS also uses the same function to transfer data through a network. The information is split into smaller units or Packets and sent through the network and is reassembled at the receiving end.

GPRS provides a high-speed data transfer, typically between 56 Kilobits/second to 114 Kilobits/second.

A user of the GPRS network is charged only on the amount of data is sent or received as opposed to the duration of the connection.

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