Chatting is the most fantastic thing available on the Internet.

You can say that chatting is an online textual-talk in real-time.

In chatting, you type a message on your screen, which is immediately received by the recipient, then the recipient can type a message in response to your message which is received by you instantly.

Protocols for Chat

With the advent of Internet, communication formats such as chat and video conferencing etc. have gained popularity.

Here you will learn about some common protocols for chats.

The most common chat protocol is Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Chat Protocol IRC

The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol is a simple, text-based conferencing protocol, involving a number of users spread across a number interconnected servers. These users may chat with other individual users, or may chat with group of users on channels, what other chat systems refer to as rooms or chat rooms.

A typical setup in IRC network involves a single process forming a central point for clients, or other servers, to connect to, performing the required message delivery/multiplexing and other functions.

The server forms the backbone of IRC, providing a point to which clients may connect to talk to each other, and a point for other servers to connect to, forming an IRC network.

The only network configuration allowed for IRC servers is that of a spanning tree where each server acts as a central node for the rest of the net it sees.

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